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Documents & Messages

Documents & Messages are used on the system for adding in messages when a user logs in.

These messages will need to be 'Read and Understood' by the user in order to bypass the message.

From the administration menu select Other Settings

Other Settings

Once in the Documents and Messages screen you can see the status of the documents and messages if they at draft stage or if they are published.

Click Add New Document to add a new document to the system.

You can enter in your desired message on this screen and once you are happy with this, click the Save button to save the document.

An existing document and message that is published can be edited by clicking on the Pencil icon.

This screen will advise how many users the document has been published to and how many users are left.

Any new users that are registered after the document is published will also be required to read this and any other documents & messages that are published.

To publish the document click on the Paper icon. This will publish the message to all users in the system. The access levels the document will be published to will now need to be selected.

This will only publish the document to those people with these access levels assigned.

To publish to all users in the system select the access level Expenses - Draft this will then publish to all users who have expenses - draft access level assigned to their profile. This is the only access level you need to select.

Upon logging in users must Read Now on the message before they are able to login.

The document must then be confirmed. Once confirmed the user will be presented with their dashboard.

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